Wood iPhone Case

After a successful run on Kickstarter, WearWood is now up and running! Our backers voted with their wallets to tell us that they love our iPhone wooden cases and we hope you’ll agree when you see our stunning selection below. Read on to learn more about our iPhone wood skin and what makes it such a great option for your device.

Want to Have the Most Stylish iPhone in Town?

Our wood iPhone case is an absolutely stunning and modern looking product that can take your iPhone to the next level. Let’s face it – we buy Apple products because we want them to look the part – and this is a surefire way to make sure that they do.

The iPhone wood case is a perfect merger between modern technology and a warm, natural aesthetic. It maintains the clean, crisp and minimalist aesthetic of Apple product while bringing something a bit more personal and bit more attractive to the table. It’s time to start standing out among the crowd again and exhibiting your personal sense of style for all the world to see.

But of course it’s not just about looks. Our iPhone wood case will also protect your prized possession and ensure it doesn’t collect scratches and chips, or end up shattered and broken. This provides perfect protection for your device and even enhances your grip so it will stand firmly in your hands.

And if you look at our range of other products, you’ll see how easy it is to get the full matching set and really start looking the part.

See if This Sounds Familiar…

Chances are you absolutely love your iPhone 6s. if you’re like most people, then you’ll probably use it for practically everything you do…

You wake up first thing in the morning why? Because your phone woke you with a bleep. When you turn it off, you probably take a look through Facebook while you come around with your cup of tea.

Once you’re up and dressed, you’ll hop on the train or bus to commute to work and while there, you might read the news and perhaps answer a few emails or read some sites on Feedly.

You stop off on the way into work for a coffee, take a photo because it’s a nice day and you’re enjoying this moment of calm on the bench and then you send it to your friends and upload it to Instagram.

There’s a good chance you’re reading this right now on your iPhone.

We could go on but that would get pretty tiring pretty fast. The point is: we use our iPhones throughout the day and they really are our pride and joy.

So then why do they all look the exact same? It was once the case that you would stand out thanks to owning the smartest piece of new tech. But now the iPhone is so popular that practically everyone has the same device and there’s nothing cool or unique about it anymore.

You don’t wear the same clothes as everyone else, you don’t have the same watch as everyone else… so why carry the same hardware? This should be an opportunity to express yourself – not something that makes you blend into the crowd!

This is the ‘pain point’ we wanted to address with our wood iPhone case – but it’s actually only one problem that we’re trying to solve. Here’s another little scenario I want you to consider…

And What About This?

There’s another problem with the typical iPhone experience, which is that it’s only a matter of time before your pristine and beautiful new device starts looking like it went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Next time you’re on the train or bus, have a look around you. You’ll see that everyone has their faces buried in their devices… standard.

But if you look closer at those devices, you’ll also see that about half of them have got a huge crack across the screen. In some instances, they’ll be completely shattered beyond all recognition. Once again, this should be a point of pride but its become something pretty ugly looking.

Not only that but it’s a headache to use and it doesn’t look anywhere as appealing as it should. Plus, it’s a big old waste of money to completely shatter something so valuable!

This is where you might start thinking about investing in an iPhone case. But now you’re completely covering the beautiful phone you just bought. Now you’re wrapping this svelte, slim and chrome looking gadget in gaudy plastic that makes tit twice as thick and a nightmare to fit in the pocket. So what would you prefer: cracked screen? Or ugly, plastic case?

That’s where the wood iPhone case comes in. Our iPhone wood skin offers the perfect combination of protection and aesthetics – or at least we think it does! This is a look that not every other punter in your local coffee shop is sporting and it’s one that is natural, sleek and modern. This is a great way to express yourself and we think that technology should be expressive. What do you think?

Why a Wood iPhone Case?

We wanted to solve both these problems by making a wood iPhone case that would look stunning while also offering great protection. We wanted a case that would enhance the look of the device rather than detracting from it. But I know what you’re thinking… why wood?

Well on the face of it, wood is just a very attractive material that offers great resilience without being tacky or picking up scratches and finger prints. It’s easy to clean and the natural grain means that every piece is slightly different. We chose a bamboo iPhone case because this has a particularly ‘zen’ feel to it and is just the right weight, texture and rigidity to make the perfect iPhone case.

In the future, we are likely to see a closer merge between technology and nature. This is the direction we’re already heading in in many areas. We’re seeing more ‘garden cities’ that surround modern, clean buildings with beautiful parks and trees. Likewise, design sensibilities such as Google’s ‘Material Design’ bring us closer to real, tangible objects in the way we approach UX.

There’s just something right about taking the fantastic functionality of the iPhone and then surrounding it with beautiful, warm wood. And we think that the results speak for themselves.

Features, Options and Specs

This iPhone wood skin is a one-of-a-kind product that looks as good as it performs. The wooden case completely fits the back of your device and comes in three materials. You’ve already heard about the bamboo iPhone case – but there’s also a natural maple case which has a lighter color and a natural rosewood case which is a deeper and richer tone. Why not pick up all three and mix and match to go with your outfits and your mood?

We also have several designs that you can enjoy too. There’s an iPhone 5 bamboo case with a city etched onto the back. Or how about going with an atlas or a tree? The atlas is particularly great for people who love travelling – and especially for digital nomad types who are often using their devices on their travels! This only adds to the customization options and gives your device an even more unique and authentic feel. We’re sure to be adding more designs over time, so check back if you want to find something new!

All our iPhone wood cases are of course a perfect fit for the devices you love. We make cases for:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s

As long as you have one of those products, then you’re good to go!

Why We Think You’ll Love Your iPhone Wood Skin

So why should you pick up an iPhone wood case? What makes this a good use of your hard earned cash?

Well, if you believe like we do that technology should be personal, expressive and attractive then we think you’re going to absolutely love this offer. We are very passionate about creating beautiful products and we think that it comes across in the finished article. This is an immaculate device that has been crafted to absolute perfection.

What’s more is that this will be a good investment and a great way to protect your device. iPhones are not cheap and if you’re going to be carrying yours around with you every single day then it makes good sense to have a way to keep it safe so it stays looking nice – it’s like insurance! And unless you want to make your device look like a thick plastic brick, then we recommend getting something nice that you’ll enjoy looking at every time you get it out.

Oh and we don’t necessarily condone this but taking a photo of your beautiful iPhone 5 in a bamboo iPhone case, resting on a notepad, with a cup of coffee just next to it… well it’s absolutely perfect fodder for Instagram!