Wood Macbook Pro Case

If you own a MacBook pro., then we’re willing to bet you’re a certain type of person. MacBooks have always been marketed directly toward artist types and designers. This comes across not only in the software that runs best on the devices but also on the beauty of the computers themselves. These are machines with fantastic attention to detail and fantastic craftsmanship. They are minimalist, cool and sleek. This is very much a designer item in look and in function – and it’s something that looks fantastic whether it’s resting on a coffee table, or whether you’re working on it on the train. It just bleeds cool.

But you know what? We believe it could be cooler. We want to make your MacBook cooler. And we want to make your MacBook that much more personal and stylish as well.

And we believe we can do it with our stunning Apple MacBook covers. Read on to learn about the WeWearWood range of MacBook Pro wood cases and why they’re perfect for giving your machines that personal touch.

What is This Wooden Laptop Case?

Here’s what we’re proposing: a stunning wood MacBook Pro case at an affordable price that will make your device stand out in a really cool way. We make our wood Macbook Pro case from the very finest materials to ensure that they don’t scratch or blemish and to give them that unique, warm and attractive grain that makes wood so appealing.

We worked for countless hours to make sure we got the perfect material, the perfect thickness and the perfect adhesives. The result is a stunning wooden case that is functional and attractive at the same time. And it’s just what your MacBook Pro needs to spruce it up and to make it stand out.

Right now we only make our Apple MacBook covers for the MacBook Pro – but do be sure to check back if you don’t have the right model.

How to Give Your MacBook the Perfect Makeover

Like we said, the MacBook range of hardware is a well-designed one and that’s necessitated by the target audience. Apple wants to sell to designers and it wants to sell to people who view their technology as statement pieces and fashion accessories. We’re right behind that.

But the problem is how successful the MacBook became. Look around your local coffee shop and you’ll see loads of people working on these machines. In fact… wait… isn’t that pretty much everyone who has the same computer?

This is pretty much exactly what Steve Jobs wasn’t all about. Steve Jobs wanted to make computing more personal. He was fighting against the likes of IBM that were all about making computers uniform business machines.

But when you sit down on that bench at Starbucks next to five other people with the exact same computer – it doesn’t exactly scream originality. It’s not Apple’s fault; but the company’s success has actually diminished the charm of its stunning products.

We all work hard to wear different clothes from each other and to express ourselves through our bags, our sunglasses (we make those too, by the way) and with our watches. Why not our computers? These are machines we get out almost constantly… why are we happy for them all to look the same?

Well we’re not happy with that – and that’s why we think we’ve made the ultimate wooden laptop case to help you stand out from the crowd and be one of a kind again!

To be fair – there are some people who try to personalize their MacBooks Pros with their own laptop cases but more often than not the attempts fall flat. Those stickers for instance never look good as they’re constantly peeling off and constantly getting scratched and ruined. And some of the other cases and skins you see just look tacky or ostentatious. You don’t want to look like a try-hard. What we want is understated class. That’s what our MacBook Pro wood skin brings to the table.

Why Wood is Perfect

Here’s the thing about wood – it is timeless. Wood will never go out of fashion. Wood feels at once modern and clean, while at the same time being older than anything man-made. And wood has an incredible story behind it.

When you have a wood MacBook Pro case, you have a case that is made from a real tree – a tree that probably grew for decades if not hundreds of years. That’s amazing to think and it’s precisely why you can rest assured that your device will feel more natural, more alive and more timeless as soon as you wrap it in some wood. It will look perfect in any home décor and it will help to give your device a stylish and unique look that will never be tacky and that will never feel dated.

As you might have guessed already, we love wood here at WeWearWood – that’s kind of our thing! And if you take a look at our selection of products then you’ll see that we make all kinds of beautiful wooden things. Our wooden sunglasses mean you can actually wear wood, while our wooden iPhone cases are perfect for protecting your smartphone and making it more unique and more eye-catching. Why not get a set to match – a wood iPhone, wood MacBook Pro and wood set of shades to top off the look. And this looks fantastic with a brown belt and set of sneakers (trust me).

How A Wood MacBook Pro Case Makes Life Better!

Look, we don’t like hyperbole any more than you… but if you buy these wood Apple MacBook covers your life will be better. You could be president this time next year…

Okay, so maybe that is hyperbole (and who would want that anyway?). But the point is that there are a lot of good reasons to invest in these Apple MacBook covers.

The first reason is practical: this will protect your device and prevent it from picking up scratches and damage on the back. This can really undermine that beautiful, minimalist appeal that we were talking about earlier – so make sure that you aren’t vulnerable.

Likewise, a wood MacBook Pro case can also be the ideal way to cover up an existing blemish. You probably don’t like talking about it – but perhaps there was a time in your history when your MacBook fell off the edge of a table. And as a result of that, maybe your computer now has a crack across the back of it.

Well, as it happens, this just isn’t as nice to look at as the old, immaculate version of your computer…

So that’s why we recommend that you get yourself a wood MacBook Pro case. Why not turn that fateful injury into the perfect excuse for a style upgrade? You’ll hide the damage and your computer will now look even slicker and even better than it did before!

Then there’s the fact that this will make your device look even better in photos. Be honest: there have been times when you’ve been working in a coffee shop on your device and been overcome with an urge to take a stylish photo of your pen resting just so on the keyboard of your MacBook… Well, just think how much cooler those photos will look when you have a completely unique wooden design for your MacBook!

This is a look that turns heads and starts conversations. People will come up to you where you’re working and ask where you got ‘that awesome wood MacBook Pro case’. Make sure to send them our way please!

Our Designs

It would kind of defeat the object if we only had one design for our Apple MacBook covers wouldn’t it? That’s why we make three different looks for our wood MacBook Pro case for you to pick from.

They are plain wood, ‘wolf’ and ‘city’. Which one will you go for? And what will it say about you?

We think that the plain wood is perfect for the stylish individual who likes to say more with less and who lets their style choice speak for itself. It’s understated but incredibly cool and it looks great for it.

The wolf we think is perfect for the cool loner. Aloof and wearing (wooden) shades, this guy or gal has an air of mystery about them. Maybe they like to travel? Maybe they’re writing a novel of some kind? Our wolf is depicted howling at the moon which adds a little drama and pathos to the image. But it’s all done in a single stylish outline.

And finally the city – perfect for the stylish urbanite who loves where they’re from and who lives and breathes the city life. This city skyline could look almost like a heartrate from a distance and is etched again all out of one single, unbroken line. Once more it’s understated and it just adds that little bit of extra interest and style to what is already, undoubtedly a very cool looking case.

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