Wooden Sunglasses

Our wooden sunglasses will frame your face in style and give you a completely unique look that no one else is sporting. This is a great way to look at once modern and cool, while showing off your outdoors and sporty nature. We think wood is the perfect fashion statement and when you see our range of shades, we think you’ll agree too!

WeWearWood is well known for wooden MacBook cases and wooden iPhone cases but now we’re changing the game and expanding our offering with some awesome bamboo sunglasses.

What We’re Proposing

Here’s what we’re proposing: regular sunglasses that come in sleek black or vibrant red or turquoise and which look great on men and women alike. So far, so normal.

BUT there’s a big difference: our shades use stunning wooden frames that not only feel great but look stunning and offer you more resilience and a completely unique look.

And there’s more too, not only are the shades themselves incredibly unique and cool but we’re also throwing in some stunning bamboo cases too that will keep your shades safe while looking completely different from any case you’ve seen before. Of course you can keep any glasses in here if you don’t want to wear ours all the time.

But you will. Allow us to tell you why…

What Makes Our Bamboo Sunglasses So Cool

Do you remember when celebrities started wearing shades with orange lenses instead of the usual black? And then you got all kinds of other colors like red and blue? Robert Downey Jr. did it, Stallone did it and then many more celebs jumped on board. And sure enough, pretty much everyone was doing it after no time at all.

This shows just what an impact a cool set of shades can make. But everyone is doing colored shades – we think it’s much better to be unique and to wear something that everyone else doesn’t have! That’s where our bamboo sunglasses come in and it’s what we think makes them so cool.

Sure, it’s very possible that bamboo sunglasses could take off and be the next big thing. But until then, this is a completely fresh and unique look that you don’t see anyone else sporting and that gives you the chance to be a trend setter instead of following in the wake of others!

You also won’t find these in shops. And if you look around you right now (assuming you’re out and about) you’ll probably notice no-one else has them either. Cool right?

Why Shades Make the Man (or Woman)

And make no mistake, shades can absolutely make you look cool. This is something that the Terminator knew all too well. And so did Will Smith in Men in Black. Covering your eyes adds some air of mystery and aloofness and this is just undeniably awesome. That is why sunglasses have been and always will be an item that is completely associated with a sense of ‘cool’.

And that’s also why so many people spend crazy loads of money on Ray Bans. And don’t get us wrong; Ray Bans are definitely very cool looking. There’s just a problem here, which is that they also cost that much. And also they’ve become too popular so everyone has them. People will know you spent an awful lot of money trying to look cool. And the irony is that that just isn’t cool!

And then if you’re anything like me, you’ll take your shades off and put them on your chair. Then you’ll forget they’re there. Then you’ll sit down. And you’ll hear a crunch sound. And you’ll wince because you’ll know. But you won’t want to look because you don’t really want to know. And then you’ll look. And yup your $500 shades are smashed.

Here’s the good news: our shades are nowhere near that expensive. They’re not cool because they’re expensive – they’re cool because you’ve got your finger on the pulse and you’ve found something that no one else knows about but which undeniably looks very awesome.

This is a great way to upgrade any outfit and any look with an accessory that’s unique, understated and yes: cool. People will ask where you go those ‘awesome wood sunglasses’. And you’ll smile and say ‘WeWearWood’. And people will ask: ‘…what’?

Here’s the other good news: you’re also not going to sit on your new wood sunglasses and smash them. Why? Because wood is much harder than plastic. And also because we provide that awesome bamboo case!

Stunning Craftmanship… On Your Face!

We really love wood – you can tell by all the wooden products on our website. What’s more, is that we love making items that are absolutely beautiful, completely unique and built-to-last.

That’s what we’ve done here. We spent an awful long amount of time researching different types of wood, different designs and different styles and we found what we think not only looks the best but also performs the very best. This is a resilient design that is comfortable and won’t fall off your face.

Every single one of these glasses is slightly different too. That’s the way with wood: it’s natural and it grows and as such it has a unique grain and a unique tone. Every single set is different – just like every single one of our customers. That’s why we love working with wood and it’s why we take a huge amount of time and care to make sure that every single product we ship is up to our high standards. We’re really proud and really passionate about what we do, so we’ve made something beautiful to share that with you.

Why Wood?

As a website that’s all about wood, a question you could fairly ask us is: why wood? What is it about wood that makes it the ideal choice for cases and shades?

As we’ve already discussed, wood grows from the Earth and that makes it completely unique. What’s more is that it is timeless. As something natural, wood can never go out of fashion and will outlast all of us!

Wood is also just a great material to work with. It’s soft enough to cut into any shape but hard enough not to break. We chose bamboo because it’s hard and also slightly bendy – that means it can take some punishment and last.

And actually, if it picks up the odd chip here and there – that only adds to it. It’s much like a leather coat which similarly becomes almost a part of you and ends up telling the story of all your adventures. This is what we wanted to achieve with our wood sunglasses and it’s why we work with wood.

Bamboo sunglasses in particular have the rigidity to be used to make fighting sticks – so you just know it’s going to be up to the challenge of making strong sunglasses (unless you go around headbutting stuff all the time).

Another great thing about bamboo is that it feels comfortable against your ears thanks to the slight softness. And the ‘warmth’ of the wood is perfect for a summer’s day spent outdoors. You’ll look more at one with nature and it’s perfect for anyone with an active, outdoors lifestyle.

Oh and they make you look super cool in photos.

Our Bamboo Cases

Our wood frame glasses come with equally cool bamboo cases. This helps you to always know where your wooden sunglasses are and it helps you to avoid any damage if you throw them into a bag. The case also has a unique design. This is essentially a hollowed out bamboo stalk which makes it look all the more natural and all the more rugged and earthy (like you).

But it also has the feel of a pirates telescope. When you pull it out your pocket, you can bet people are going to stop and want to see just exactly what’s going to come out of that case! And the cylindrical design also happens to be perfect for sliding into a pocket or a bag – it takes up no more space than it absolutely needs to.

Like we said though, you can also opt to use this for all kinds of other things if you prefer. Why not keep your main glasses in here? Or stand it on your desk as a pencil holder…

Get Your Shades Today!

So that’s why we think that wooden sunglasses are awesome and hopefully you agree! Now all that’s left is to decide which color you want to go for and whether you’re going to get a wood case for your iPhone to match. It’s a great aesthetic and it’s a great investment if you’re someone who has broken shades in the past or who just wants to look awesome when the sun comes out (though we’re sure you already look awesome!).

These are expertly crafted, completely original and highly affordable. So get involved and be a part of the wood revolution! We’re absolutely confident that you’re going to absolutely love your wood frame sunglasses. Be sure to send us a picture!