A Look Into WearWood

The Mission

WearWood believes in making a lasting impact both socially and environmentally. To accomplish this, our business model supports sustainability by working with Trees For The Future, a non-profit organization that is allowing us to pursue our commitment to plant two trees for every WearWood purchase. This initiative extends beyond promoting reforestation - it focuses on impacting the lives of others. By planting two trees for every purchase, we are providing individuals with permanent and seasonal employment, supporting the income of farmers, and strengthening communities worldwide. When you place an order with WearWood, you are joining a mission that will truly make a difference.

The Product

Keeping quality in mind, all WearWood products are carefully crafted with genuine bamboo and wood. Although our products require the use of wood, our planting two trees for every purchase allows us to maintain a positive net impact. WearWood focuses on providing quality and stylish products that can be worn with a purpose. Our customers have the opportunity to be involved in creating a more sustainable Earth, while enjoying their WearWood products. So when your friend can’t help, but ask where you got your shades, let them know what WearWood is all about!

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned… We are excited to bring new models and styles to our collection as we take on 2017. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@wearwood.com. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for any updates and discounts!

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