Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the sunglasses?
    • All of our sunglasses are 145mm wide (frame), and 150mm long (arms).


  • Do you deliver outside the US?
    • Yes. NOTE: The customer is responsible for any customs fees, import duties, or taxes that may be imposed by your country's customs department. Our domestic shipping on our Iphone Wood Cases, Macbook Covers, Sunglasses and Ipads is free however international orders must pay shipping.


  • How well does my phone case survive against a fall?
    • Because of the variability of natural materials, we cannot guarantee how well your wooden phone case will hold up against a drop. However we can guarantee that your phone will have a better chance of surviving a fall with a case vs without one.


  • Will all headphone jacks fit with my iPhone case?
    • Our iPhone cases will fit with the Apple headphones that your iPhone came with. Anything larger in diameter will likely not fit. The headphone cutout is about 6mm wide. If needed, there are many adapters that can be found online for only a few dollars.


  • Does the iPhone 5/S case fit the iPhone 5C?
    • No.


  • How are the MacBook and iPad covers applied?
    • The MacBook and iPad wood covers are applied with a non-permanent 3M adhesive on the back. First be sure to clean the surface of your MacBook. Then, remove the thin film backing. Next, you will hold the wood cover above your closed MacBook and center the width and height accordingly, be sure to align the laser cutout to the illuminated Apple light. Once satisfied with the placement, push the wood cover from the center out as you would with a sticker. Enjoy! 


  • Do you offer products for other tablets, phones, or laptops?
    • Currently, we do not offer any other products other than what you see listed.


  • Are all of the laser engraved designs for the MacBook and iPad available for each size device?
    • Yes.


  • Do you offer custom laser desgns?
    • Due to the time and preparation it takes to design, format, and set up custom designs, we only do custom designs for order quantities over 20.

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