About Us

Mission Statement:
Provide the best products and service, while using business to promote and inspire environmental practices.
About Us: 
We take time to reflect on our mission, our community and our purpose. Our values reflect the change we desire to see in the world. We are a small business located in Minneapolis, MN. We design genuine, wooden sunglasses, phone cases, and meditation bracelets. We encourage our users to capture, wear, and share their memories with others. On behalf of your order, we plant two trees. Trees help reduce and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This results in slower global warming temperatures as well as food and shelter for our ecosystem. 
Beyond positive environmental developments, trees support families and communities around the world. Trees create educational opportunities for children. Increase the income of poor farmers. Revitalize and improve soil quality. Help families feed themselves. Help end the battle between farms and forest. 
 Help us clean up the environment and build stronger communities around the world together.