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Hello Again! Are you looking to join WearWood in our mission to fight deforestation? In this blog post, we will be highlighting the top environmental Non-Profit organizations that focus on reforestation. This post will focus on what each Non-Profit organization has to offer, as well as what to expect in their gifting process. Fortunately, they are all easy to support and allow involvement at a level you feel comfortable with. Let’s check them out!

Trees For the Future -

Trees for the Future offers 100 trees for $10. At this rate, one can continuously create a truly lasting environmental impact at a comfortable cost. However, environmental impact is not the only effect of supporting this non-profit. When you plant trees with Trees for the Future, you are…

  • Creating Educational Opportunities for Children
  • Empowering Women
  • Building Strong Communities
  • Providing Seasonal & Permanent Employment
  • Improve the Income of Poor Farmers
  • Help Families Feed Themselves
  • Much more - Visit to see details.

Trees for the Future also provides a variety of donation options. Your donation can purchase seeds, tools, a kit, training sessions, trees, and a forest garden. This allows you to get involved at a number of levels. More information can be found on their website.

One Tree Planted -

Based in Shelburne, Virginia, is One Tree Planted. First impressions from this Non-Profit Organization are pleasant, as they provide a compelling, user-friendly website that clearly outlines what they have to offer. One thing that creates an additional sense of involvement is that you can choose where your trees are planted. Their location selection includes Kenya, Indonesia, Colorado, and the Amazon. Trees are priced at $1 per tree, which is more than Trees for the Future, but the trade-off is the ability to choose where you make your impact.

One Tree Planted also offers corporate partnerships to promote corporate social responsibility. Notable companies that the organization is partnered with include, L'oreal, Del Monte, and lululemon athletica. If you’re looking to control where you make your impact, One Tree Planted is definitely a non-profit to consider supporting.

American Forests -

American Forests is a Non-Profit organization with a goal to reach - plant 2 Million trees in 2017. This goal will not be achieved without a strong group of supporters. Luckily, American Forests provides a simple, quick gifting process that allows the option to give based on suggested amounts or an amount of your choice. 

To begin, you first choose whether you are making a gift as an individual or a company. This is followed by selecting a suggested gifting option or entering your own amount. If you select their top suggestion of $1000, you are added to their “Sequoia Circle”, an exclusive group of donors that comes with it’s own perks. The gifting options increase significantly from $1000 when viewing the Sequoia Circle page. For both the standard gift amounts and Sequoia Circle amounts, you can select whether you would like this to be a recurring gift. After determining a gift amount, you enter your personal information, payment information, and billing information. American Forests does offer the option to make your gift anonymously. To conclude, if you prefer to support a domestic non-profit that focuses on reforestation and provides flexible gift options, then American Forests may be a great fit.

Save the Redwoods -

Save the Redwoods is another U.S. focused organization that directs their efforts towards the Redwood Forest in California. This organization focuses their efforts in a few areas.

  • Protecting Forests and Land
  • Restoring Forests and Land
  • Connecting People to the Redwood Forest
  • Studying Habitats
  • Establishing Partnerships

This organization offers several ways to become involved. This ranges from educational opportunities, volunteering, supporting a variety of initiatives, activities for kids, photo contests, and more. As far as donating, their gifting process is similar to American Forests. Suggested amounts are provided, but they also have the option to enter an amount of your choice. This is followed by billing and payment information. That’s it! The option to give anonymously is also available, if this is preferred. 

The Nature Conservancy -

Plant a Billion Campaign -

It’s all in the name! The Nature Conservancy has an ambitious, inspiring goal to plant 1 Billion trees by 2025. Worldwide, their campaign has now surpassed $18 million in donations, but there is still a long way to go. When making a gift, you have the option to protect forests in Brazil, United States, and China. However, if you would rather ensure that your gift is used where it’s most needed, you can make that selection during the donation process. Again, suggested gift amounts are provided, along with the option to enter the amount of your choice.

Join the largest tree planting campaign out there and get involved with The Nature Conservancy and help them achieve their goal of 1 billion trees by 2025!

As you can see, all of these organizations make the donation process simple. If you’re looking to join the mission to promote reforestation, these Non-Profit organizations create a process where you can dictate where you make an impact, while providing comfortable giving options for all supporters. We hope this information is helpful and allows you to find a way to get involved!




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