Top 10 Texas State Pride Examples That Made Us Chuckle

Since we started selling Texas sunglasses, we've been impressed with the level of state pride we've seen from Texans! We decided to scour the internet for Texas state pride and here are 10 of our favorites.

1. If this isn't photoshopped, they have a steak that's in the outline of their state. Impressive, Texas.

2. Marriott Marquis Houston raised the bar and designed a lazy river. Props, Marriott.


3. Slightly less luxurious but still does the job.

4. BuzzFeed took a stab at creating emojis for Texans. Seems appropriate.

5. How a drive-thru works at Whataburger in Texas.

6. We just loved this meme. Sorry Lubbock.

7. On a more serious note, check out this guy's beard. Wow.

Wouldn't y'all agree he'd look great with one of these pairs of shades:

1. Texas American Flag

2. State of Texas Fourth of July

8. I was impressed with the steak. Now I have to re-think possibilities.

9. Please don't try this. It's painful to think about.

10. To cool down that burn, we are going to end it with these Texas ice cubes. Perfect for a warm summer day, y'all.

I hope you enjoyed what we found on the internet. We had fun putting this together. 

If you need Texas sunglasses, we sell them. If you own a pair, share them with a friend or family member. Stay classy y'all!

All images used in this article are linked to where we found them.

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